Here is my public journal. I'll be sharing with you some of my struggles and accomplishments of art and family life. Here you can find out about my newest pieces I am working on, or exciting events, and ideas that arise.

The following link is my blog which you can share your comments, questions, and what is on your mind. http://LauriesRockPaintings.com/wordpress.

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Welcome to my public journal.

Finished with the Blast Off class that gets my goals and focus inline in order to Blast Off my rock painting carreer. My main goal is to earn a suporting income through this business. Lately I have been working on promotion. I need to find a promoting/creating balance. Today I am applying for 3 new shows for this summer. I'll let you know if that turns out. My next rock idea is of a mountian man climing out of am old mining cave. On rock I am confident it will look pretty neet. I started on of a firework display but didn't finish it on time. The next colorful painting I do I want to show you a work in progress. Happy 4th of July!

Busy Week

Welcome to my public journal.

Hi Friends. My next show is coming up. June 13th-14th! at the Taste of Fort Collins festival. New ideas as well as new paintings are arizing. We are designing napkin and candle holders out of wire, and nechlaces. I am trying to incorporate more images and examples of Colorado in to my rock art. You can see some of it on the Rock Shop Page. I signed up for a temporary online class with Alyson B. Stanfield. www.artbizcoach.com. She has been real helpful sharing ideas for artist success. She has a new book out too.


Today was the Thompson Valley Art League's Night on the Town event. Several of the local galeries were open for the public to chech out new art. I painted on rocks at the Lincoln Art Galery. It was a fun experience to paint in public and socialize with others. Dad and Erica stopped by. That was nice. Dad played mandoline. Loveland has this event every month, so it might be a fun thing to stay involved with. 


Today was around the high 70s. Wesley, age three, rode his trike to the park. Though it was hard to sit inside and paint, it was a good day. I am painting a   conche   shell. I find painting the shadow in a cool purplish really brings out the contrasting warm areas of the shell.


3/2/09 Sometimes cleaning the rocks is the most exciting part of starting a rock painting. Not only fossils, but natural colors and designs appear from under the dirt and scream out what should be painted on that rock.LRGBUFFALO Here, the sandstone created it's own natural environment around the bison.

My son, Wesley, helps too. He tells me what kind of animal it is and if he likes it. He says it's a vom bom bom boo. He often makes up names if he doesn't know.