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Upcoming Shows


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French Nest Market, Fort Collins, CO, Three shows! May 21st, June 18th, July 16th 2016


Art in the Park Loveland, CO. North Lake Park, August 13th-14th 2016


Applewood Arts and Crafts, Loveland,Co. November 19th-20th 2016 

Galleries displaying Rock paintings:

Lincoln Gallery, is an art gallery on Lincoln Ave. heading North between 4th and 5th st, Downtown Loveland, CO. They sponsor and promote the Thompson Valley Art League, and Art in the Park. Come see. 

A Show of Hands was a wonderful gallery with many beautiful handmade crafts. They had to close their doors because of tough economy times. Hopefully at an easier time we'll see their doors open again. I truly thank you for showing our rock paintings. 2009-2010

Past Shows: 
Boulder Spring Fest 5 PEARL ST  2010, 2015 

Art in the Park Loveland, CO North Lake Park, August  2010-2016 It's huge! Come see us!

Estes Park Arts and Crafts Sponsored by the Sunrise Rotary Club, September 4th-6th.

Urban Market  Skyline Park, 16th St. Mall, Denver, September 24th 2010

Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival Sponsored by the Greeley Wesleyan Church, Greeley, Co. 3600 W. 22nd St., October 22nd-23rd.

Colorado Country Christmas, Denver Merchandise Mart, 451 E. 58th Ave. 
November 5th-7th 2010. Advertised on television.

Applewood Arts and Crafts, Loveland,Co. November 2008-2016 Come see us next year!

Wesleyan Church in Greeley 2009-2010 Art vendors all had their own unique style. I've been to their church. Their message is always about helping others. Great experience and great show.

The Church at Loveland 2009 was very welcoming. I think they're show was in their starting years. It has potential to be a popular show in the near future.

Applewood Arts at Standley Lake High 2009 was bigger than I expected. It was through out the school, crowded, and live music. It is nice to see we are starting to get followers. Artisans were definitely talented!

Taste of Fort Collins 2009 was great fun. Thank you to all of you who came and saw the show! 

First time Experience: Art in the park, 2007 was a success. It was an eye opener on what works and what does not. I received a real positive response. Now I am looking into more art shows for the near future. For everyone who purchased something or even stopped by to see the show I truly thank you. I hope you enjoy your new purchases, and enjoyed your experience. Future events will be posted.

 Soon there will be quarterly notices sent out to all those on the mailing list. As soon as I get one designed you'll get information about upcoming shows, website updates, and other information you may find of interest.  We would love to have you join.


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